Get real-time market data with Vesper. Vesper pulls information from 300+ data sources, giving you access to the latest trends in Import & Export, Supply & Demand and more.
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Vesper decided to redesign their SAAS platform and app to serve their clients in a better way. This meant that the website also needed to be rebranded and redesigned. The marketing team already had a hero header designed and asked us, based of this hero header, to fully redesign their website.

Another big reason for hiring Mr. Webdesign as their design and development team was because of their marketing team need of flexibility. They wanted to be able to easily adjust the contents of the website whenever they needed or wanted, without having to ask a third party company to do this for them. Their previous website was a custom made cms, which made this hard for them and because of it they made the decision to have this new website developed in WordPress.


As usual we started with a discovery session where we, together with their marketing team decided which pages needed to be designed and developed, which functionalities where needed and how the customer journey should look like. The combination of working extensively together with the marketing team and our creative insights, we were able to start crafting a design that suited the need of their client base.

During the design stage, we prioritized restructuring the website’s navigation to make it effortlessly intuitive and user-centric. Our expert development team then brought these designs to life, employing the latest coding standards to construct functional web pages. We further elevated the user experience by integrating a range of features and tools tailored to meet the needs of our client’s audience.

A standout feature was the seamless API integration with the client’s recruitment platform. This allowed job application data to be directly transferred to the platform in real-time, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring an efficient workflow.


By meticulously navigating through our four-phase approach to web design and development, we achieved a website that is not only a visual delight but also highly functional, accessible, and in alignment with the business’s strategic objectives. Importantly, we developed the website using a modular architecture, enabling efficient updates to specific templates without affecting the overall structure. This ensures that the site can easily adapt to future needs, making it a scalable and sustainable solution that closely aligns with both current and future business goals.