Their existing website did not fully encapsulate their vibrant ethos, expertise, and services. That’s where we stepped in to help.

Our challenges were multi-faceted:

  1. Young Appeal: The website needed to reflect Social Champs’ youthful energy without sacrificing professionalism.
  2. Service Showcase: It was crucial to highlight their wide array of services effectively and enticingly.
  3. Lead Generation: A seamless user experience was needed to boost lead conversions.
  4. Performance and Scalability: The site had to be nimble, able to adapt to the agency’s fast-paced growth.


We tackled these challenges with our tried-and-true 4 D’s methodology: Discovery, Design, Development, and Delivery.


We kicked off with stakeholder interviews to gain insights into Social Champs’ core values, objectives, and target audience. We also looked into market competitors to understand industry standards and expectations.


Building on our Discovery insights, we initiated the Design phase, wherein mockups and prototypes were developed. The goal was to create an interface that would resonate with Social Champs’ youthful vibe while also presenting their range of services in a structured, easily navigable manner.


Our development team translated the designs into a functional website, adhering to modern coding standards and best practices for optimal performance and scalability. We incorporated responsive design to ensure cross-device compatibility, and implemented SEO-friendly structures for better visibility.


Before launch, rigorous testing was carried out to scrutinize the site’s performance, security, and UX. Post-launch, we conducted training for Social Champs’ internal team to manage minor updates and content additions independently.


By adhering closely to the 4 D’s methodology—Discovery, Design, Development, and Delivery—we were able to deliver a website that mirrors Social Champs’ vibrant personality and supports their ambitious growth objectives. This case study serves as a testament to the efficacy of a well-structured, holistic approach to web design and development.

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Very nice (fast) cooperation, and of course happy with the website!

Layla van der Schaaf

Learning designer

Very nice (fast) cooperation, and of course happy with the website!

Layla van der Schaaf

Learning designer

After Mahir kindly contacted us, we started working with Mr. web design. We appreciate the thinking along and the nice contact. If we want to make a small adjustment, project manager Ilias is always there for us. Glad we came across this team, recommended!

Stijn Langedijk


We have been working with Ilias & his team as a permanent partner for web design for over a year and are (almost) always 100% satisfied. The times when some things don’t go quite well (which of course sometimes happens x of course) you will be answered super quickly and time will be made for you. Ilias often goes above & beyond to solve your problems. 10/10 would recommend!!

Jesse van Os


Good, efficient, knowledgeable and fast! Definitely recommended for challenges in the field of web design and website technology.

Paul Matcorn


Very satisfied with the service and the quality delivered (website)! Raymond and Ilias are quick, think along with you and do everything they can to satisfy you. So pleased that I will now refer my clients to Mr. Webdesign. That says something, I think 🙂

Zishan Hussain


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