The primary challenge lay in designing and developing a website that could seamlessly blend the artisanal charm of Hevi Handmade’s products with the sophistication of modern e-commerce functionality. This involved integrating a suite of features including e-commerce capabilities, translation functionality for international customers, and a minimum spend requirement for orders. Additionally, ensuring a seamless inventory process through the use of a barcode scanner for manual product and order additions posed a significant technical challenge.


Our approach was multifaceted, focusing on both design and development to ensure a cohesive and engaging user experience:

  • Design in Figma: We initiated the project by crafting the website’s design in Figma. This allowed for a collaborative design process, enabling us to iterate quickly based on feedback and ensure that the final design accurately reflected Hevi Handmade’s brand aesthetic. The design phase focused on creating a clean, elegant interface that would showcase the jewelry in a timeless light.
  • Development in WordPress with Elementor Pro: Leveraging the power of WordPress and the flexibility of Elementor Pro, we developed the website with a focus on customization and scalability. This approach allowed us to create a robust e-commerce platform, enhanced by Elementor Pro’s intuitive design capabilities, ensuring the site was both beautiful and easy to navigate.
  • WooCommerce for E-commerce Functionality: To facilitate the online purchasing process, we integrated WooCommerce. This powerful plugin provided the necessary tools to manage products, track orders, and handle payments, all while offering a seamless shopping experience for customers.
  • Translation Functionality: Recognizing the importance of reaching a global audience, we implemented a translation functionality to make the website accessible to a diverse customer base. This feature ensured that users could easily navigate the site and understand product descriptions, regardless of their language.
  • Minimum Spend Requirement: To align with Hevi Handmade’s business strategy, we introduced a minimum spend requirement for orders. This feature was designed to enhance the average order value and ensure that each transaction aligned with the brand’s premium positioning.
  • Seamless Inventory Process: To streamline the inventory management process, we integrated a barcode scanner system. This allowed for the efficient manual addition of new products and orders, ensuring that the inventory was always up-to-date and accurately reflected on the website.


The culmination of our efforts was a state-of-the-art website that beautifully represents Hevi Handmade’s brand ethos. The site has seen significant engagement from the target audience, with increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and positive customer feedback highlighting the ease of navigation and the elegance of the design. The integration of WooCommerce has streamlined the purchasing process, while the translation functionality has broadened the brand’s reach internationally. The barcode scanner system has significantly improved inventory management, making the process more efficient and less prone to errors.

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Very nice (fast) cooperation, and of course happy with the website!

Layla van der Schaaf

Learning designer

Very nice (fast) cooperation, and of course happy with the website!

Layla van der Schaaf

Learning designer

After Mahir kindly contacted us, we started working with Mr. web design. We appreciate the thinking along and the nice contact. If we want to make a small adjustment, project manager Ilias is always there for us. Glad we came across this team, recommended!

Stijn Langedijk


We have been working with Ilias & his team as a permanent partner for web design for over a year and are (almost) always 100% satisfied. The times when some things don’t go quite well (which of course sometimes happens x of course) you will be answered super quickly and time will be made for you. Ilias often goes above & beyond to solve your problems. 10/10 would recommend!!

Jesse van Os


Good, efficient, knowledgeable and fast! Definitely recommended for challenges in the field of web design and website technology.

Paul Matcorn


Very satisfied with the service and the quality delivered (website)! Raymond and Ilias are quick, think along with you and do everything they can to satisfy you. So pleased that I will now refer my clients to Mr. Webdesign. That says something, I think 🙂

Zishan Hussain


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