AiMark has been initiating and supporting academic research programs that make use of scanner data from household and retail panels that span 37 countries over time. Their mission is to continue to support the development of leading-edge knowledge that is published in top-tier journals and contributes to the public interest.
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AiMark used to own a website that fell short of contemporary web standards. Its design was antiquated, with cluttered navigation and structure, making it difficult to access and manage. This led to outdated content that failed to resonate with the target audience. Our challenge was to transform this website into a user-friendly platform with easy navigation, ensuring that it would meet modern expectations and be more accessible to users.


As usual we started with a discovery session where we, together with AiMark, began to identify the specific requirements and challenges of the existing website. This included analyzing the target audience, current content, and usability issues.

In the design phase we made sure that we restructured the website’s navigation, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Our development team converted the designs into functional web pages using modern coding standards. They integrated various features and tools to enhance the user experience. One of them was a custom made map where users could find relevant information about their scanner data.


By methodically approaching the project through our four phases of web design and development, we ensured that the new website was not only modern and aesthetically pleasing but also functional, accessible, and aligned with the business objectives.