Website audit for: Express Driving Courses

Hi Zaheer,

First of all, thank you for requesting your personal website audit. The purpose of this audit is to analyze your website and search for potential improvements you could make on your website. Both visually and technically. 

Three main topics have been analyzed in this report: User Experience (UX), Content and Site health. On the left you find the average score of the website. 

Again, this audit has resulted into a fully no-strings-attached value-driven report. But, if you do wan’t any help with making the changes on your website, we are of course happy to help.

Have fun optimizing! 

High level insights

With every audit we just take a first glance and note what stands out directly to us. We call this ‘High level Insights’ and we don’t take any details into consideration yet. These are our insights:
  • The design seems a little bit outdated. These types of websites were often seen around 2019-2020.
  • The spacing between different elements are inconsistent. With more consistency it will give the design more clarity.
  • Some imagery look weird because it’s stacked on top of each other.
  • The different pages don’t have always consistency in style and type of imagery.
  • Mobile Responsiveness on the homepage isn’t great.
  • We see in the footer still © 2021 Expressdrivingcourses. So it seems that the website hasn’t been updated for a while.

User Experience (UX) & Site Health Check


With our SEO tool we’ve analyzed the content on the pages and there are some pages that could use improvements for on-page SEO. 

  • 7 pages on the website have a too low word count for Google to be able to index it well
  • 4 pages don’t have a H1 heading
  • 9 pages are missing a meta description
  • 1 page has a <title> tag which is too long. 
  • 1 page has a poorly formatted URL for SEO.